You're giving your most vulnerable patients extra time and care. You should be paid for it.
You've heard about Medicare's Chronic Care Management (CCM) program that enables you to bill for the extra attention beyond office visits you already provide to your patients living with 2 or more chronic conditions.

Maybe you've tried implementing CCM yourself, billing Current Procedural Terminology© (CPT) Code 99490.
But how successful has it been?
Have you captured ALL of your billable hours?
Are you serving the maximum number of your qualifying patients?
How much potential revenue is as yet untapped?
Many questions.
Managing Care Solutions is your experienced, one-stop solution.

Choose a solution that
works best for YOU

Turnkey Solution

This is a full-service solution. Our trained staff makes 100% of the monthly 20-minute phone calls to each patient required by Medicare for billing. We simply charge you a portion of what you receive from Medicare.

The amount that Medicare pays for CCM services in your geographical location will have an affect on our financial arrangement with you. Get in touch with us to discuss this.

Hybrid Solution: Together to Twenty

A great benefit of this option is that we'll enable tracking and billing work you are already performing — and may wish to continue performing for your patients. We'll build upon your hours and get you to the full, billable 20 minutes of telephone-based care coordination.

Example: Your office staff calls each patient 10 minutes per month. Our staff follows up with an additional 10 minutes. We make sure the entire 20 minutes is tracked and billable to Medicare. You get credit for the patient contact you perform, and we charge you appropriately for our portion of patient contact.

Optimize Your CCM Solution

Regardless of where you are with CCM implementation, we'll help you succeed. We can either get you started by training you and your staff, or optimize your existing program. We'll also provide a full suite of in-depth Patient Modules to serve your patients' health needs over the long term. This material is the result of our team's 17 years experience coaching 1.5 million Medicare and Medicaid patients.

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